What would you do differently if you were no longer carrying a lifetime of guilt, fear, anger, and unworthiness?


Would you see the woman staring back at you in the mirror and finally be able to say, "I love you," and mean it? 

Would you see her dreams, her ideas, and the potent wisdom she carries within her as sacred and not just hopeful fantasies?

Would you start taking consistent inspired action towards your goals and dreams?

Imagine giving yourself full permission to...

  • do business, relationships, health, spirituality - you name it - in the way that feels right for you and finally let go of everyone else's expectations

  • earn more money and have more fun doing work that lights you up

  • be happy in your own skin 

Did you know that you are a powerful healer already?

At any moment you have the capacity to restore your energy back to its most abundant and free-flowing state. It’s a gift we all have without realizing it. Maybe you’re even feeling confirmation in your body as you read this (it’s super intelligent like that!)

My role as an Energy Editing® Professional + intuitive healer

I create the container and hold the sacred space for you to heal. Trust me when I say it's not always easy to hold that space for yourself, especially when your mind is resisting the deep work your body and soul craves. During a healing session I connect to your energy system remotely and receive clear messages on where you need the most support right now. 

Often I'll have a client come to a session with a very specific topic they want to work on, but their energy system gives me something that's even more powerful and it's always exactly what they didn't know they needed.  

As we move through the session I guide you into the healing positions that will create the most profound change for you that day. A healing session with me is always a partnership as I can only go as deep as you allow  me to go. 

Healing is powerful whether you decide to work in a group setting and/or one-on-one. In my experience, you will naturally gravitate towards what your body is needing right now. There is truly no right or wrong in how you decide to approach your healing journey - only the feeling of what’s most aligned now is important.

Choose your healing journey below: