Get Out of Your Own Way


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It's time to stop standing in your own way, write a new story and do the work you feel CALLED to do.  

No more feeling stuck in your own head and not moving forward.

No more feeling like nothing you're doing is working and getting more and more frustrated by the day.

No more worrying about how you're gonna make real money in your business. 

Everything you need and nothing you don't in 4 intensive weeks of diving into what's REALLY holding you back from success in your business. 

This will be an intimate, no holds barred experience for the woman who is ready to face her self-sabotage head on and release the hell out of all her blocks.


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Week 1: Clarity

  • What's actually holding you back & why?
  • What do you actually want to do and share in your business?
  • Who are you meant to be serving & why? 
  • Who do you need to become in order to make real money in your business?

Week 2: Confidence

  • Letting go of the good girl and people pleasing
  • Ending the cycle of comparison-itis & competition so you can serve at YOUR highest level (not someone else's)
  • Tuning into your Inner Wise Woman & using her energy to show up powerfully online
  • Choosing a message you feel convicted to share (not what you feel you ‘should’ share)

Week 3: Consistency

  • Identifying WHY & HOW you self-sabotage
  • Getting out of indecision and into consistent action
  • Breaking up with self-sabotage & procrastination (finally) so you can follow through with what you say you're gonna do
  • Surrendering your need to be perfect & letting go of the "all or nothing" mentality that is literally killing your business

Week 4: Cash Flow

  • Getting up close & personal with your relationship with money
  • Monetizing your gifts& up-leveling your pricing without fear
  • Feeling worthy of money in your business AND abundance, & fulfillment in every area of your life
  • Ending the pattern of upper-limiting yourself every time you get close to your ideal income
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What you get (experience limited to 12 women)

  • Weekly content on the top 4 areas women in biz block themselves around abundance (clarity, confidence, consistency, and cashflow)
  • Twice weekly intensive group mindset calls (guaranteed at least 20 minutes with me 1:1 per week)
  • Private Facebook support community
  • Accountability partner to help you stay on track outside of our calls


  • Group Heal Your Money Blocks Session (an Energy Editing® session to help you gently & permanently release subconscious limiting fears, thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states around money)
  • Group accountability & mindset calls 2 weeks and 4 weeks after the intensive ends
  • 25% off any of Britny's programs for the rest of 2017 (including 1:1 coaching!)

For my VIP gals (limited to 5 women)

You get EVERYTHING above PLUS:

  • three 1:1 sessions with me
  • unlimited messaging support via Voxer (walkie talkie app - like having me in your back pocket)

        Client Love:

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         This round of Get Out of Your Own Way Intensive is now closed!


  • When do we get started and when do we meet for the weekly coaching sessions? 

    The program starts on Monday October 16th and runs through Friday November 10th. 
    We meet for our weekly calls every Monday & Thursday at 8PM EST (calls last until everyone has had an opportunity to share & be coached)

  • How do I know this program is for me?

    I've designed this experience for the woman who is ready to FULLY commit to writing a new story around money, abundance, & success in her business (and all areas of her life). This is an intimate & intensive experience meaning I expect each person to show up and take responsibility for their results. It is my deepest desire that you get a return on your investment, but I can only go as deep as you are willing to go yourself. If you're ready to leave behind the version of you that self-sabotages and can't stop getting in your own way - this experience was made for you!  
  • What results can I expect? 

    As long as you commit to fully showing up, attending the calls, and doing the custom mindset work I give you throughout the 4 weeks, you WILL see expansion in at least one area of your business - whether that be around increased visibility in your business, increased ideal client attraction, and/or more money in your bank account. The possibilities are endless as long as you're willing to do the work and ask for the support you need. 
  • What if I've never done mindset work before? 

    Don't worry girl I so got you. This experience is designed for you whether you are a mindset queen or a total newbie.  I'll show you how to dig really deep and also how to heal yourself so you don't end up feeling worse off than when you started (no ma'am!) 
  • I've joined group programs before and felt like just another number.  Is this the right fit for me?

    I created this intensive program because so many women kept telling me they wanted a middle ground between group & 1:1. Even if you don't go VIP you'll get time with me every single week on the calls (as long as you show up!) The program will be limited to no more than 12 women so that you get the sisterhood you crave without feeling like just a number. 
  • Why should I go VIP? What can I expect to get out of this experience?

    VIP is for the woman who is ready to go balls to the wall ;) She is D-O-N-E with doing it all by herself and is ready to dig really deep into the stories that are keeping her small in every area of her life. She knows she works better when she has 1:1 support but also loves the idea of having a sisterhood experience to keep her inspired and on track.  She is ready to get BIG results in a short period of time (more clients, more money, and more visibility). 

Still have a question? Email me at I won't bite!