People often wanna pick my brain about everything from mindset to which autoresponder I use. As an exercise in setting boundaries (and to keep from losing my damn mind),  I've created a resource page for you including my favorite tools and hacks for a freedom-based life and business. Please keep in mind that some of these links are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you purchase through them. However, please know that I wouldn't recommend anything I don't personally use and love (cause that'd be a bit weird and yucky). 


Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk and mindfulness expert, is the brilliant mind behind this amazing meditation app. This is a great tool whether you are a complete beginner or you've been meditating for years and want to deepen your practice. The app is not free, but you can do the 10 day meditation challenge for FREE using the code TAKE10. Enjoy!

This is one of the first mindset apps I ever downloaded and I still have it on my phone. You can record affirmations in your own voice, set them to music, and play them on a continuous loop. This app has a free and paid version. Some of my clients swear by this app!

Love vision boards but hate cutting up magazines looking for the perfect image? Check out this free site and make your own virtual vision board. You can keep it private or share with the rest of the community. 

I listen to these calming meditations while I work to stay focused or when I want an instant mindset boost. 

Have some serious money blocks? Listen to these abundance affirmations daily to identify your biggest points of resistance around receiving money and re-program your subconscious mind to allow more abundance in. 

I am obsessed with Brad! He has hundreds of guided EFT (emotional freedom therapy) videos on YouTube on just about every limiting belief you could think of. You may feel a bit awkward when you tap the first time, but it does work!

Track the evidence of your abundance and you'll be blown away by how much unexpected income you start attracting. Anytime I get lazy using this app my income takes a nosedive. That's no coincidence!


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I switched over from Mailchimp to Convertkit in March 2016 and I've fallen head over heels for its simplicity and higher open rate. If you use automation AT ALL in your biz, this will be a game changer for you. The best part? I no longer get charged more than once for the same subscriber on multiple lists like I did with Mailchimp. Score!


I'm a huge fan of Zoom for hosting webinars, group mastermind calls, free trainings, AND for recording interviews. It's the most cost-effective and user-friendly platform I've found for video conferencing. 


I have a major biz crush on Leonie Dawson. This year I bought her 2016 Shining Life + Biz Workbooks 1) because they were so pretty and I had to have them and 2) because they were highly recommended by peeps I admire like Denise Duffield-Thomas and Nathalie Lussier. 

Using Leonie's biz tools I've been able to track my goals in a fun and focused way. I'd highly recommend them (and not just because they are pretty)!

Are you a personal growth junkie like me? Check out my favorite mindset, self-help, business, and spiritual reads in my Amazon store. Yes, I will get a small kick-back if you purchase through my links (thank you!)

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